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1As the plane circled over the airport, everyone sensed that something was wrong.The plane was moving unsteadily through the air, and 1 the passengers had fastened their seat belts, they were suddenly 2 forward.At that moment, the air-hostess 3 .She looked very pale, but was quite 4 .Speaking quickly but almost in a whisper, she 5 everyone that the pilot had 6 and asked if any of the passengers knew anything about machines or at 7 how to drive a car.After a moments 8 , a man got up and followed the hostesssintosthe pilot's cabin.Moving the pilot 9 , the man took his seat and listened carefully to the 10 instructions that were being sent by radio from the airport 11 .The plane was now dangerously close 12 the ground, but to everyone's 13 , it soon began to climb.The man had to 14 the airport several times insgroupsto become 15 with the controls of the plane. 16 the danger had not yet passed.The terrible 17 came when he had to land.Following 18 , the man guided the plane toward the airfield.It shook violently 19 it touched the ground and then moved rapidly 20 the runway and after a long run it stopped safely.

  1.A.although B.while C.therefore D.then

  2.A.shifted B.thrown C.put D.moved

  3.A.showed B.presented C.exposed D.appeared

  4.A.well B.still C.calm D.quiet

  5.A.inquired B.insured C.informed D.instructed

  6.A.fallen B.failed C.faded D.fainted

  7.A.best B.least C.length D.first

  8.A.hesitation B.surprise C.doubt D.delay

  9.A.back B.aside C.about D.off

  10.A.patient B.anxious C.urgent D.nervous

  11.A.beneath B.under C.down D.below

  12.A.to B.by C.near D.on

  13.A.horror B.trust C.pleasure D.relief

  14.A.surround B.circle C.observe D.view

  15.A.intimate B.familiar C.understood D.close

  16.A.Then B.Therefore C.But D.Moreover

  17.A.moment B.movement C.idea D.affair

  18.A.impression B.information

  C.inspections D.instructions

  19.A.as B.unless C.while D.so

  20.A.around B.over C.along D.above

  (2All (1)_______ things must fight to stay alive. They have to feed on something and at the same time avoid being (2)_______. Therefore they have to solve this big problem of staying alive in their own way. The danger of being eaten in the sea is great. Those plants and animals that do survive usually (3)_______ very fast and in great numbers.

  (4)_______ sea animals have defensive devices which help them to survive. The jelly fish have (5)_______ tentacles (触角) which are used for attack and defense. Another method of (6)_______ which sea plants and animals use is disguise. They usually have the same (7)_______ as their surroundings.

  In order to stay alive animals need to have good senses. Fishes have sharp eyes. Almost all animals are sensitive to (8)_______. Fishes judge movements in the water by (9)_______ of their lines. Fishes and other sea animals can hear well and many of them can (10)_______ different types of warning sound.

  1. A. living B. alive  C. lively D. live

  2. A. taken B. gotten C. haven D. eaten

  3. A. produce  B. reproduce  C. run  D. swim

  4. A. Any  B. Every C. Certain D. Each

  5. A. beautiful B. short  C. poisonous D. long

  6. A. swimming B. survival  C. flight  D. growth

  7. A. color B. body C. width D. length

  8. A. run away B. flee  C. touch D. move

  9. A. way B. means C. method D. approach

  10. A. make B. do  C. build  D. produce















  【解析】at best最多、至多;at least至少;at length详细地;at first开始、最先。at least最符合句意。




  【解析】本句意为把飞行员挪到一边。aside意为一边、旁边,符合句意。back向后;about到处;move off指车辆启程。









  解除。to ones relief意为让某人松了一口气,最符合句意。




  【解析】be familiar with为固定搭配,意为熟悉,排除其他选项。




  【解析】根据句意推断,空格处所填词应与when he had做同位语,故moment符合句意。movement运动,idea想法,affair事件。


  【解析】following…这个分词的逻辑主语应为the man,本句意思应为,这个人遵照指令,驾驶飞机朝机场飞去。impression意为印象,information消息,inspections视察,instructions指令。




  (2)【解析】本句意为:飞机沿着跑道滑行了很长一段距离后,安全地停下来了。move along是沿着……移动的意思。around在……周围,over在……之上,above在……上方。只有along符合句意。

  1. A 根据四个单词的区别,“生物”应为living things

  2. D 固定搭配:avoid doing sth.意为“避免做某事”。

  3. B 根据上下文意思,此处指动植物“再生”。

  4. C 由谓语动词形式可知,certain指“某些”。

  5. C 根据下文得知此处指“有毒的”触角。

  6. B 指海底动植物生存的另一种方法。

  7. A 这些动物有与周围环境相同的颜色,即保护色。

  8. C 所有动物对触摸很敏感。

  9. B 固定搭配,by means of 意为“用……的方法“。

10. A 固定搭配,make sound / noise意为“弄出声音”。



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